What My Clients Say

At first, Carol asked what I wanted to accomplish. I said I would like to open my front door every day and say" 'Wow!' just like when I walk into a new, well designed hotel and say, "wow, I would like to live here." Carol was so easy to work with. We were always on the same page. She listens, shows examples, and listens some more. There were one or two things that I just accepted on faith (like charcoal gray walls!) and it turned out great! Carol has a lot of ideas - some very subtle, but pretty powerful, nonetheless, she is very well informed, and, most of all, listens well. My only disappointment was that she was unable to attend my Open House. Everyone there said the same thing when they came in: "Wow! " Rick O

Carol has an extraordinary gift as an interior decorator. She possesses such grace, style, and she's an amazing listener. She heard what I was looking to do with my home and without a moment's hesitation—she immediately knew what we needed. She engages her clients in the process from the start, which allows the client to feel as though they create the look and feel of their own home. She’s not afraid to take risks and she made it easy for me to do the same. Carol has turned our 200 year-old antique into a show-place! My goal was to pick out unique pieces that I can pass on to my kids and grandkids and Carol has found those pieces for me. Robin J.

As a client of Carol Beck's for the past 4+ years, I would highly recommend her. My husband and I renovated the first floor of our house and I needed some professional advice on decorating as we were starting from scratch. Who knew an empty room with four walls could be so intimidating? Carol really listened to our needs and remained budget sensitive the whole way. Her taste level is superb and her passion for design makes her a pleasure to work with.   Kristin M.